Alex Senna

Alex Senna is a Brazilian street artist, colorblind he developed continuous lines of one color in his drawings and notebooks until the moment when he transported them on to the walls of the cities he left a vivid mark on.

Alexander Mijares

Alexander Mijares is a self-taught artist, he finds inspiration in the dynamic energy of both his city of Miami and his Cuban and Spanish roots, and creates pieces that are rich in culture. We are proud to feature one of many of his vibrant pieces in The Wynwood Coloring Book.

Alice Mizrachi

Alice Mizrachi is a New York based interdisciplinary artists and educator working in the mediums of painting, murals and installation. Her work often engages local communities and reflects positive visual responses to social issues affecting neighborhood residents.


Cernesto is a native of NYC, he got his start writing graffiti in the early nineteens. Continued development as a visual artist and musician finds Cern being more involved with painting murals nowadays.

Chris Riggs

Chris Riggs is a NYC native, began painting at the young age of 3. By age 11 his chosen medium became aerosol and started painting murals in abandoned buildings and train tunnels in NYC. After trading his spray cans for paint brushes while attending college, he became a proud half-time Miami resident.

Claudia La Bianca

Claudia La Bianca, born in Bagheria, Sicily was a mischievous 11 years old sneaking her way around town painting murals and wherever else she could depict her fantasy world. She studied at the Institute of Arts where she specialize in fashion design. She doesn’t stop there, Claudia is also a film-maker and producer when she isn’t running around and painting on anything he can get her hands on.

Cori Hohër

Cori Hohër is a Miami based Venezuelan emerging artist that investigates color as a scientific phenomenon through an intense repetition of geometric arrangements.

Danielle Brutto

Daniella Brutto is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Atlanta, Georgia. While she indulges a variety of artistic ventures, her main medium of choice is paint. No matter the medium, her sensitivity to material and concept mirrors, often even directly references, her relationship to paint.

DaveL (David Lavernia)

David Lavernia is a Miami-based artist inspired by his tropical surroundings. His Composition and use of color attracts and emits movement, allowing for visual narrative to materialize.